Raspberry Training

Because we believe in the strategies we suggest to you, we can produce them and train your teams accordingly.
We develop tailor-made training courses which we organise for individuals or groups according to your needs.
We can design your sales rationales, advertising leaflets, sales methods, trade training and video tutorials.
Finally, we can provide you with our coordination expertise with a view to deploying your training courses.

The philosophy of Raspberry Training :
Develop collective intelligence for improved productivity with a view to constant improvement.

Our valued added?
We can design and/or coordinate tailor-made training courses and "off-the-shelf" training courses in the fields of management, marketing and communication.

Your advantage?
A guarantee of coherence and pragmatism. All our training courses are interactive, alternating between theory and practical cases based on examples in your field of activity.

Our guarantee
Trainer/practitioner in NLP certified by the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Institute.
Trainer trained in coordination by CEGOS.

  Catalogue of our training courses
How to write an effective marketing brief

The aim is to provide the right offers at the right moment to the right targets while guaranteeing costs and business results thanks to an effective marketing brief.

  • Understand the fundamentals of a marketing brief;
  • Optimise the preparation of a marketing brief;
  • Collect the right information to understand customer requirements;
  • Develop a professional approach to produce more homogenous documents.

The keys to relational marketing

Customer marketing is a question of content, not tools.
The aim of this training is to obtain the means of better understanding the customer with a view to adapting to his/her requirements and providing an appropriate message within the limits of your field of action.

  • Develop customer relations on all media necessary to your field of activity;
  • Maintain a relevant and personalised message (digital, call centre, TV, promotional leaflet, differentiating sales rationales, after-sales services).

What is a brand communication strategy?

At the end of the training course, the trainee will be capable of producing a communication plan ensuring consistency between the messages and the media adopted in the corporate strategy.

  • Understand what a communication plan is;
  • Be familiar with the different printed and digital communication media;
  • Position the brand image;
  • Define the customers;
  • Define the seasonality.

Sensitisation to communication tools

At the end of this training, the trainee will be capable of clarifying his objective, developing more constructive professional relations and presenting his company and post in 2 minutes

  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Discover the 3 flagship communication tools:

    • Process Com;
    • Transactional analysis;
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Level I project management
Clarifying objectives and optimising tools

The trainee will be capable of optimising technical project planning and monitoring tools. He will be able to provide performance monitoring indicators and ensure transversal management of the teams involved in the project.

  • Understand what an ambitious but realistic objective is;
  • Be familiar with the different project management tools;
  • Ensure time optimisation;
  • Optimise team enhancement tools.

Level II project management
Accompany the performance of your projects and teams with visual management

The trainee will be capable of implementing large-scale projects with a view to constant improvement. He will develop efficient tools to increase project productivity as well as activating and maintaining the collective dynamics within the team.

  • Understand what visual management is;
  • Be familiar with different project enhancement indicators;
  • Optimise project management with intuitive tools;
  • Transform team coordination;
  • Anticipate risks.

For tailor-made training courses, contact us for a study and an estimate.

Tell us your problem and we will design a specific training course, a training module or commercial methods, sales techniques with practical cases based on our experience and your company to disseminate the right messages to your employees.

  Examples of training courses

Management through image: mobilising collective intelligence

For CCM Benchmark Group – Internet group

This operational training provides the methods and efficient techniques to activate and maintain the collective dynamics within a team or around a project.

The objective is to transform the "active inertia" of the employees into constructive energy calling on collaborative work.

  • How to create cohesion within a team and ensure project visibility.
  • Acquire the tools to manage teams effectively;
  • Identify the simple processes to be shared by all to ensure successful projects.

Creating a brand image

For Altedia – HR consulting and services

The aim is to make individuals founding or taking over a company aware of the communication tools necessary to create their identity.

At the end of this training course, the trainee will be capable of selecting, coordinating and briefing the service providers to create or redesign a visual identity.

  • Understand what a brand image is;
  • Be familiar with the different distribution channels and how to use them depending on the intended target;
  • Produce a brief;
  • Be familiar with the different distribution channels and how to use them depending on the intended target;
  • Be familiar with the different deliverables which enable a brand image to be launched.