A global vision for comprehensive communication

Deployment specialist
Raspberry Consulting

Are you setting up a business and need advice? Are you launching a new product or service? We provide you with operational marketing expertise and suggest a durable communication strategy.

Brand image creator
Raspberry Studio

Are you in search of a strong corporate identity? Do you want to redesign a brand image or product image? We provide you with a tailor-made creative solution which successfully incorporates your constraints.

Talent developer
Raspberry Training

Do you want to inform your teams of your new product strategy? Do you want to strengthen the communication and/or marketing competencies of your employees? Our experts provide individual or group training with regard to all communication tools and marketing deliverables with a view to implementing an efficient project.

Analyses & News
Raspberry Blog

To keep abreast of all the latest developments in the blink of an eye, we maintain a weekly monitoring service. We inform you about all the subjects which might have an impact on your means of communicating and creating a constructive link with others in the business (marketing, communication, economics, management, human resources), both in France and elsewhere.